I missed my order delivery today. What should I do?

Once you miss your delivery, you will soon get a notification in your app. Please check it to know the location and new status of your package. If you don’t see any notification, please let us know via WhatsApp, mail, or phone. Click here to contact us.

Can I cancel my order?

Sure. Visit the My Orders section in your Risolt app. Click on Return and follow the simple steps. It’s a piece of cake.

I made the payment and the amount has been deducted from my account. But, I cancelled my order. What happens to my payment now?

Cancelled orders are refunded within 14 days. If you do not receive your refund within 14 days, let us know via WhatsApp, email, or phone. Meanwhile, you can continue to place more orders. It will not affect the refund. Click here to contact us.

How do I get an invoice for my order?

Invoices are directly sent to your registered email address within 2  days of the product being delivered to you. Please check your inbox for the invoice.

I have a complaint about my experience with the delivery person/product/packaging/others. Who do I contact?

That’s a shame. Your satisfaction is our highest priority and we constantly strive to make your every interaction with Risolt a frictionless and delightful experience.
You can let us know about your complaint via WhatsApp, email, or phone. We take complaints our customer complaints very seriously and will immediately take appropriate action after an investigation into the problem you faced. Click here to contact us.

Can I return and get a refund for a product.

Of course. All products on Risolt (unless otherwise mentioned in our Terms & Conditions) are covered under a 30-Day Return Policy. You can return your package within 30 days of receiving the order and get a full refund. You can find a full list of product categories that are covered by our 30-Day Return Policy in our Terms & Conditions.

What are the various charges involved when making the purchase? Are there any hidden charges?

There are absolutely no hidden charges whatsoever for shopping on Risolt. You only pay the amount you see in your cart. Just download Risolt, start shopping, and reap the savings.

How do I find what I am looking for?

The Risolt app offers you 2 powerful features to find the product you are looking for – Filters and Search Engine. Using the Search Engine is the quickest option. Once you make the search, our intuitive app starts recommending you related products even if you did not search for them. You can then use the various Filters to narrow down your search further. So, even if you have a vague idea of what you want, Risolt fetches that product for you.

Can I shop on Risolt without creating an account?

Sadly, no. At Risolt, our objective is to create a delightfully personalized shopping experience for each shopper. We make this happen by using only the bare minimum information from you to tailor your Risolt app to your unique needs.

Can I change the delivery address after placing the order?

Yes, you can. You can just let us know via WhatsApp, email, or phone call. We’ll divert the package to your new delivery address.

Do all products sold on Risolt have the same warranty terms as that found on the brand’s website?

The warranty terms are determined by either the individual retailer or the manufacturer. Please check out the warranty terms for the respective product when making the purchase. At Risolt, we strive to bring you the best-quality products at the best prices. However, if you face any issues with the products you order, you can always return them within the stipulated time.